PIERIAN.-Rehearsal to-night. Second violins at 7; first violins at 7.15; full orchestra, 7.30. Nobody will be excused. Please be prompt.

W. FORCHHEIMER.BICYCLE CLUB.-There will be a smoker in 37 Matthews to-night, at 7.30. Important business.

C. L. HARRISON.ORNITHOLOGICAL CLUB.-There will be a meeting in Mass. 2 on Tuesday night, at 7 sharp.

L. McK. GARRISON.HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB.-Will meet at the Watertown range, on Wednesday afternoon, April 22. The conditions of the shoot will be published in Wednesday's issue of the CRIMSON.

F. B. AUSTIN, Sec'y.ART CLUB.-Those members of the club who intend to design shingles are requested to leave their designs in the club room some time before the next meeting, which will take place May 6.