Fact and Rumor.

Games yesterday, Princeton 7, Amherst 6; Yale 11, Brown 9.

The second eight of the O. K. were initiated last evening.

The Concords will meet our nine to-day on Holmes at 4 P.M.

The Harvard Shooting Club will hold their postponed match on Friday.

Descriptive pamphlets of the courses in Natural History and French may be had at the office.

Juniors are reminded that no overdue themes will be received after to-day except for unusually good reasons.

The university lacrosse team played the second team yesterday afternoon, and defeated them easily 9 goals to 1.

Kent, Harvard, '75, and Ranlett, former captain of the Dartmouth nine, will play on the Concord team to-day.

Prof. Goodale wishes to see all can didates for honors in Natural History in Harvard Hall at ten o'clock this morning.

By a misprint in our yesterday's issue, it was stated that a special examination would be held in Phil. 14, instead of Phil. 4, on June 3.

The Harvard nine defeated a picked nine in which the Cochituate battery played, by a score of 3 to 1, yesterday. Smith pitched for Harvard and Litchfield caught.

It is rumored that Oxford may confer the degree of D. D., i. e. doctor of the drama, upon Henry Irving.

The Princetonian is to be commended for the enterprise shown in publishing an extra last Saturday evening.

Bicyclists will find that the road on Mt. Auburn street, through Watertown and Newton, is as pleasant a one as can be found about Cambridge.

The candidates for the Mott Haven tug-of war team are: Curtis, L. S.; Boyden, '85; Adams, '86; Remington, '87; Pease, '88; Bachelder, L. S.; Gilman, '85, anchor, Easton, L. S.

There will be an excursion in N. H. 4 to-day to Lynnfield, Mass. Those going on the excursion will leave the Boston and Maine depot at 12.30 P.M., and can return at 6.30.

The eight men of highest rank in the senior class, who will speak at commencement at Amherst, are S. L. Cutler, G. E. Gardner, W. H. Hallock, J. Hinman, G. C. Howland, H. G. Mark, F. W. Phelps, E. G. Warner.

The university crew is now rowing as follows: 1, Russell; 2, Colony; 3, Storrow; 4, Mumford; 5, Yocum; 6, Brooks; 7, Keyes; stroke, Penrose. Burgess is again disabled with a return of his old complaint, water on the knee.

At the '86 class meeting in Boylston Hall, Tuesday evening, Messrs. Elliot Bright, C. R. Brown, and G. R. Bryant were appointed a committee to draw up resolutions relative to the recent death of Julius Warren Strauss. No other business was transacted.

English VI. will discuss, this afternoon, the following question: What should be the limits set by the college authorities to the freedom of self-government on the part of the body of students? A brisk discussion ought to take place.

The lacrosse team this afternoon, in the game with Cambridge, will be Easton, Rueter, Twombly, and Nichols, L. S.; Goodale, Woods, Noyes, and Williams, '85; Hood, '86; Gardner, Blodgett, E. S. Abbott, Dudley, and Drake, '87.

Next Saturday will be a field day in athletic sports for Harvard. The Harvard-Yale ' Varsity base-ball game at New Haven, the Harvard-Yale freshman base-ball game at Cambridge, the Harvard-Princeton lacrosse game on Jarvis, and the spring university sports, all occur on this day.

The Argonauts defeated the Prescotts yesterday, by a score of 23 to 10. Base hits. Argonauts, 16 with a total of 24; Prescotts, 5 with a total of 5; errors, Argonauts 10, Prescotts 18; umpires, Messrs. Houghton, '87, and Potter, '87. This game makes the Argonauts winners of the third group.