Glee Club and Pierian Concert.

The Glee Club and the Pierian gave their second concert of the year in Sanders last evening, and it is the CRIMSON'S pleasant task to congratulate them on their very distinct success in a financial as well as an artistic direction. The theatre was crowded, and the enthusiasm of the audience would be satisfied in more than one case only by a double encore. We commented last fall on the decided advance showed by the Pierian in the work over that of previous years. We have only now to say that, under Mr. Forcheimer's training the past season, a still higher standard has been reached-a standard that may be envied by any orchestra composed, as the Pierian is, entirely of amateurs. The Glee Club also showed the improvement of a winter's work. The programme last evening was very well adapted to bring out the excellent points of both organizations. The Spanish dance by Moskowski, and the Haydn Serenade in particular were both excellently well played with swing and dash, and withal a precision and delicacy that did the orchestra great credit. A quartette for 'cellos, by Messrs. Forcheimer, Cabot, Loeb and Naumberg, was a very novel and enjoyable feature, and was artistically and smoothly played.

Mr. Brigham, who assisted the Glee Club, gave a great deal of satisfaction. His solos "Last Night," and a "Meditation" by Chenery of '73, were both charmingly done; and he was obliged to satisfy the audience with several encores. The Glee Club brought out several successful new college songs which took at once; the yodeling as ever arousing much enthusiasm. Mr. Cary's very clever and unique whistling solo with banjo accompaniment proved immensely taking, and required an encore. Of the Glee Club's more serious pieces, the Trooper's Song was sung with considerable spirit. Mendelssohn's Rhine Wine Song was not quite so satisfactory.

Next week Thursday, the two organizations will give a concert in Union Hall, Boston, for the benefit of the University Boat Club, at which they will be assisted by several graduates. Tickets will be one dollar, and are to be obtained of members of the club. The concert deserves a large audience.