Harvard Overseers.

An adjourned meeting of the overseers of Harvard College was beld yesterday forenoon at the office of the treasurer, Hon. E. R. Hoar presiding. Elections were submitted by the president of the college as follows: Charles Joyce White, A. M., Professor of mathematics; LeBaron Russell Briggs, A. M., assistant professor of English for five years, from September 1 next, both laid over; Adolph Cohn, L. L. B., A. M., assistant professor of French for five years; Farley B. Goddard, Ph. D., instructor in Greek and Latin for the year; George W. Sawin, A. B., instructor in mathematics, and also Arthur G. Webster to a like position for the year; William B. Shubrick Clymer, A. B., in English; James Metivier, Ph. D., in French; Kuno Francke, Ph. D., in German; Frank W. Tausig, Ph. D., in political economy; Albert B. Hart. Ph. D., in American history; Harold Whiting, Ph. D., in physics; Oliver W. Huntington, A. B., in mineralogy; all the above being concurred in. The report of the committee on degrees was made and laid on the table, and that of the committee on instruction in written English was presented and referred back for recommendations. Adjourned to May 27.