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Complaint has been abroad of late regarding Sever 11 as a lecture room. This complaint has been due to two causes, the lack of desks or book-rests in the room and the difficulty of hearing the lecturers. The first cause cannot be eradicated, but the evils resulting from it can be avoided by having such sections, as find the extensive taking of notes necessary meet in some other place where there are desks, for example in the lecture room in Dane Hall. The positions that men have to assume in order to take notes in Sever 11 are extremely uncomfortable and wearisome, not to say very unhealthy; so that as little note-taking as possible should be required of sections meeting there. The second cause of complaint, namely, difficulty of hearing, is quite curable. Lecturers in Sever 11 should rembember (which many of them apparently do not) that they are lecturing to the men in the upper rows of seats as well as to those in the two or three lowest rows. Of course, too, the difficulty of hearing will be much lessened if all such practices as coming in late, unnecessary moving, and the holding of irrelevant conversation, on the part of students are done away with. It is to be hoped that, where possible, sections taking lecture courses may meet in some other place than Sever 11; and that lecturers and students, who do have to go to Sever will strive to reduce all reasons for complaints to a minimum.