University Calendar.

MAY 3. SUNDAY.Appleton Chapel. Rev. Brooke Her ford. 7.30 P. M. Subject: "The Choice of an Occupation in Life."

5. TUESDAY.College Faculty. Meeting at University 5, 3.30 P. M.

French Readings. Moliere's Les Precieuses Ridicules. Prof. Bocher. Sever 11, 7.45 P. M.

Illustrated lectures. Egypt and her Monuments. Professor J. P. Cooke. Boylston Hall, 7.45 P. M.

6. WEDNESDAY.Greek Readings. The Hecuba of Euripides. Professor Dyer. Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.

7. THURSDAY.Last day of receiving applications for College rooms for 1885 86.

Optical Crystallography. Prof. J. P. Cooke. Mineralogical Lecture Room, Boylston Hall, 12 M.

Electricity and Magnetism. Prof. Lovering. Jefferson Physical Laboratory, eastern wing, 12 M.

Mathematical Conference. University 19, 4 P. M.

Historical Concert. Subject: Beethoven. Professor Paine, assisted by Messrs. Perabo, Lichtenberg, and Jonas. Sever 11, 7.45 P. M. Tickets at Sever's.

8. FRIDAY.Assignment of College Rooms for 1885 86.