EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON.- As all who saw the class races must have observed, three tug-boats, the referee's boat and two others, passed ahead of '86 and '88 some distance from the finish. The inevitable result was that those two crews were very considerably impeded. Such a thing ought never to have been allowed. An interference of that sort might determine the order of the two last crews, which is not a matter of entire indifference. In this case it apparently did not have that effect, but such an interference must always have the effect of making it still harder for the crews who have lost and are doning their best to make a good finish. The referee's boat follows the race in order that justice may be done between the crews. There is no such probability of a difficult question of foul between the leading crews as to justify the referee's boat in ignoring the rights of the other two. As to boats containing spectators or reporters, it may be very important that the race should be seen and reported, but surely the contestants have the first right to the course.