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But a grand stand to cost over $14,000 is preposterous. The committee having the supervision of the present plans must reduce them to reasonable limits. If that is impossible, let them reject the present plans entirely and employ an architect to draw new plans, the execution of which shall not be beyond the means of the people who are to build the stand. It is necessary that a grand stand such as we need should be well made, and not a mere temporary affair, and also desirable that it should be ornamental and in keeping with its surroundings; but it is not necessary to spend a small fortune upon it. More, it is unnecessary to have a grand stand large enough to accommodate 1300 people. There are but few games where the total number of spectators approaches 1300, and at all games most men prefer to save their money and sit in the ordinary seats. It is only when men are accompanied by ladies that they wish to occupy grand stands, or when in case of a passing shower they want a shelter and dry seats. A grand stand of moderate proportions and reasonable cost is all that the students wish and will pay for.