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One or two changes have been made this year in the regulations for college rooms, of which it may be well to remind the men who intend to take a chance in the Bursar's lottery next Friday, in order merely to serve a friend. "Transfers" of rooms are not permitted now, but only "exchanges." The obvious intention of this change is to place a check upon the practice of drawing a room through one's friends. The only method now left for obtaining a room by this means is to have the friend throw up his room, and to engage it oneself as soon as it is offered to be let. In attempting this, however, there is considerable danger of being anticipated by a third party. Another change in the Bursar's regulations is that the declaration about having engaged the room for one's own occupancy is no longer required in exchanging rooms. As we cannot see that this omission will operate to the disadvantage of room-holders, we regard it with great suspicion.