The Grand Stand for Holmes.


The track committee decided to call a meeting this evening in Holden Chapel for the purpose of considering what arrangements should be made towards the collection of money and the erection of a grand stand on Holmes Field. The plan that the track committee wishes the college to approve and ratify is, that a committee of three shall be elected which shall have control over the plans and expenditures of monies for the grand stand. The committee which had charge of the matter in 1883 procured plans for a stand the estimated expense of which is $14,949.00. It is planned to seat 1300 people. The business of the committee of three, which it is proposed to select this evening, will be to look over this plan thoroughly and to see if any alterations are advisable. It is then proposed that they publish a circular containing a full description and estimates of the plans which they may approve, with also, possibly, a heliotype, showing the present accommodations and that they send this, with a solicitation for subscriptions, to graduates and others who may be interested. It is also proposed that this committee of three shall appoint two men from each class to collect money from undergraduates.