Fact and Rumor.

There is very good skating on Fresh pond.

The competition for the Advocate prizes is closed to-day.

The Christmas recess at Dartmouth lasted four weeks.

There are fifteen candidates for the Yale sophomore crew.

The Yale Glee Club has just returned from a very successful trip in the west.

The Princeton nine has gone into regular training.

The lecture in N. H. 4 to-day will be given at the usual time and place.

The chapel at Princeton has been deemed unsafe and extensive repairs are being made on it.

A certain member of the '89 chess club was heard to exclaim the other day when he had lost his queen in play: "I've got my king yet, anyway."

The remodelling of the courses at Cornell has taken place. The curriculum has been enlarged and the range of studies broadened.

Prof. Dyer will be in Sever 29 to-day from 2 to 3 to receive translations of exercise XCVIII from the members of Greek 3.

The Christian Brethren met last evening and elected the following officers for the coming half-year: President, H. E. Peabody, '87; Secretary. J. H. Ropes. '89; Treasurer, W. F. Brush, '88; and Librarian, F. D. Kalopothakes, '88.

The number of affirmative answers sent in to the secretary of the Prayer Petition committee at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, was 591.

The Princetonian advocates the system of "movability of students and professors," lately discussed in the Nation.

It has been humanely urged that the energy expended in pulling chest-weights at the gymnasium be utilized in heating the chapel.

A newspaper paragraph says that a Harvard student has an insurance of twenty thousand dollars on the furniture of his room.