EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON. - There appeared in Saturday's CRIMSON a criticism on the freshman crew which was much needed, but to which, as a candidate for the crew, I beg leave to take one exception. The criticism ran thus: He (the captain) alone of all the crew, understands the necessity there is for hard work, and is doing his best to keep them up to their work and teach them something against their will." Captain Storrow cannot receive too much praise for the energy and perseverance that he has shown in his devotion to the crew. Is it not however, rather strong to say that every other man trying for the crew is being taught something against his will? One of the men who has been trying for the crew seriously contemplated hiring a private coach, and was only dissuaded upon being told that he could not do it for various reasons. This fact stands for itself, and we all hope that other facts will speedily develop which will stand with equal firmness for themselves.