EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON. - On the night of the college torchlight procession, a large American flag disappeared from the front of a house on Harvard Street, near Trowbridge. As possibly it may have been taken in a moment of torchlight enthusiasm for "ragging" signs, I write to say that the flag was prized not for its value as much as for its associations with one who has gone, it being an old war flag of the late rebellion. If this should meet the eye of a thoughtless taker, he would confer a great favor by returning it to 36 Trowbridge St.

W.EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON.: - From all the injustices which fill our lives both in the outside world and in college you may be surprised that I should select such a trifling one for mention as the following may appear to be. But I assure you, to me it does not seem so unimportant. We have here in college a praise-worthy zeal in preserving quiet and order; but we also take a curious way to apply it. For instance, all disturbances in a private room are instantly checked, the moment the sound thereof reaches the precise proctor's ear, and woe betide the man who by some ill fate occupies a room directly over the proctor. But what a contrast to this is presented where any body of the students, notably a certain sophomore society, may with impunity wake the echoes of the Yard absolutely at any hour of the night with the joyful news of newly elected members or the memories of an evening brawl. Surely the absolute certainty of awakening everybody within the range of their discordant sounds, cries for correction of its cause more than the doubtful disturbance of an evening's social gathering.