Note and Comment.

A new comedy-drama, "The Advocate," by a young American actor, Mr. Charles Lander, was produced at the Kilburn Town Hall on Friday evening. It is taken from the French, is dated 1817, and is really a duel of words and stratagems between the advocate, Malesherbes, and the Baroness De Mergis, a lady who has piqued him by raising false hopes as regards love within his legal breast. She wishes to marry her son to Helene, daughter of the Marquis De la Tour, whose estates had been confiscated and bestowed on the father of Barnard Dubois. This young gentlemen is supposed to be dead, but he returns to claim his property, incited thereto by the rejected Malesherbes. Bernard falls in love with Helene, and she returning the compliment, the marquis, glad to get out of his troubles, figuratively says, "Bless you, my children." Mr. Lander played the title role in his own work very well, and if he will cut it down from four acts to three it may achieve some success as there is smart repartee and clever word fencing in it. - Toronto Referee. Mr. Lander will be remembered in Cambridge as a member of the class of '86.