Mr. Thayer has in these few pages given what he calls "some of the keys of the instrument upon which Emerson plays his mighty Hymn of Life," and if rightly understood, they may indeed open some of the meetings he speaks of to many who have not before understood them. Yet he can hardly be clearer than Emerson. He endeavors to emphasize, by means of more prolix English, that Emerson had us understand that in each man, and in himself alone, rests the influence that guides him; that each day is "the judgment day"; that in each one of us is Heaven and Hell, not in some distant and far off mysterious land. Such writings, as long as there is room for improvement in human nature, as long as crime and ignorance exist, cannot help doing good.

- The Influence of Emerson; W. R. Thayer. Cupples, Upham & Co., Boston.