The New Harvard Catalogue.

After a much greater delay than usual on account of the affairs attendant upon the Celebration, the University catalogue for 1886 has at last appeared and is on sale to-day. It is much the same in form as last year, and it continues the new crimson covers. The principal change to note is that in the requirements for admission. The new system, the details of which have been described in our columns before, is inaugurated this year. The old prescribed and elective subjects are replaced by elementary and advanced subjects. The elementary studies are not supposed to be equivalent in regard to one another, and they will not all have the same weight in the examinations. Greek, Latin and Mathematics will continue to have, as they now have, much greater weight than any of the rest. The examinations will be marked according to the new college standard of marks. Another new thing is the provision that allows a student to take his preliminaries and final during the same year. Although this new system of entrance examinations goes into force this year, any one desiring to enter on the old conditions (from having taken already the preliminaries or from some such reason) may do so, for 1887 only by making formal application before May 1.

The college overseers for this year are: E. E. Hale, D.D. Ebenezer R. Hoar, L.L.D., Theodore Lyman, A.B., S.B., Morrill Wyman, M.D., L.L.D., and Francis Cabot Lowell, A. B.

But few changes have taken place in the college faculty. One to be noticed is the absence of the names of James Russell Lowell and Henry Warren Torrey, both of whom have been made professors emeritus.

The two William Whiting scholarships become available this year, affording $250 each; and two additional scholarships are added, the George Emerson Lowell Scholarships, affording $200 each. Another is announced which was given in 1886, by the class of 1867, but which is not available.

There are 1077 students in the college this year against 1068 last year. In the whole university there are 1688, against 1662 last year. The Bussey Institution alone has doubled its numbers in one year.