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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON. - There are many things in the world with which one can find fault, and he who finds fault with everything may be justly considered a pessimist. It is far from the truth that I consider the communication column of the CRIMSON a pessimist's column, but still there seems to be no other outlet for pent-up feelings over things with which one has become disgusted. The object of my fault-finding may seem small to many, but I feet sure that if it is remedied many will rejoice with me. I refer to the hot water faucets in the sponge baths as the gymnasium. At present, in order to escape scalding, it is necessary, first to grasp the valves with sponge in hand and then to dexterously entwine a towel about the arm.

Protected in this way one may be tolerably sure of escaping the effect of the ascending steam. It is as if the authorities were either afraid we would use too much water, or else afraid of its being wasted by being left running. But in either case, why are the faucet in the tub baths of the proper kind? Surely it were well to be consistent. With this hint at a much needed improvement I await a result.

* * *