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For several years we have gotten much pleasure and instruction from lectures in Political Economy, History, and Philosophy, given under the auspices of various societies. The Philosophical and Historical Clubs have thus been a direct help, not only to their individual members, but to the college at large. Yet no society has yet offered a course of talks or lectures on one very interesting topic, English Literature. It is acknowledged that, to put it mildly, we have not too many electives in the subject. Accordingly, a few lectures in Sever would not only supplement the regular college work, but they would get the attention of not a few who might otherwise slight the study of literature. Too many of us are likely to forget, in this age of the science of money-getting, that it is worth while to spend time upon that which can never be turned into bread. And, here, where we are not compelled to study literature, a large number of students, who make a specialty of science or the like, leave college without ever knowing what they ought to read, or having a desire to read. Yet a few well put and timely words might indeed work much good among those whose tastes are not yet formed. The Chaucer Readings are something; but they are not enough. So we should like to see some avowedly literary society, like the O. K. try to have some public presentation of the subject.