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Many appeals for money appear annually in our columns. Our readers may have become so accustomed to them that a new one will be without effect. There is, however, one cause for which we willingly ask support, and we hope our words will receive the attention due them. The reading-room still lacks funds with which to meet its actual expenses. This institution seems an exotic, but surely it should find at Harvard its native soil. It is suited to Harvard's needs, and could be made invaluable. These possibilities seem destined never to be realized. Appeal after appeal has been made, with only partial success. We do not expect to arouse Harvard to its center on the question of a life university reading-room similar to the one at Yale, but we do desire to stir only a few so that they will come forward and help the present reading-room. Only twenty subscriptions are needed to make the society good for its present debts. Twenty-five men are wanted to join the association, contribute, each one his dollar, and thus maintain a useful institution in our midst. An admirable collection of papers is now on file. In addition to the large dailies, are found the weeklies and the prominent college exchanges. The Pioneer Press and the Scientific American have lately been added to the list. We are confident that the merits of the case justify this appeal, and we hope it will be heeded.