Fact and Rumor.

C. H. Atkinson, '85 was in town on Saturday,

Samuel E. Winslow is back from Europe.

Oxford has an annual income of $1,250,000.

Sawin, '85 is in the Bank of Redemption in Boston.

Professor Toy will conduct prayer until February 28th.

C. S. Hervey, '88 has been elected a regular editor of the CRIMSON board.

Messrs. Mumford and Borland on the part of Harvard have completed arrangements whereby the annual boat-race will be rowed at New London for the next five years.

The New Yorks are to play Princeton, Yale and Columbia, the same week in April.

It is reported that Yocum, '85 will try for his old place in the 'varsity boat.

Amateurs were photographing John Harvard under his snow mantle Sunday morning.

Mutrie gets $100 a month for training the Columbia college nine. They exercise in the Manhattan rink.

There will be an examination in Surveying 2 in the Lawrence Scientific School on Wednesday, February third.

In view of the recent accidents, Capt. Mumford has forbidden the candidates for the 'Varsity to coast on the toboggan slide in Brookline.

D. C. Clark, '86 has not yet recovered from his recent toboggan accident, so as to be able to exercise with the Mott Haven team.

The following notice is posted at Memorial: "All freshmen interested in suppressing further communications to the CRIMSON on the subject of German A will meet at Memorial Hall between 12.30 and 1.30 on Tuesday."

Hist. 4 and Roman Law 3. Hist. 4 will be continued through the year at the same hours (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 11 o'clock) covering in outline the ground of Hist. 8 which will be omitted in 1886-87. The hours of Roman Law 3 will consequently be changed from 11 o'clock to 9 a.m., Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

While the students at Harvard are agitating for the abolition of prayers, the faculty of Yale are bragging because the young men at that institution are asking for more and earlier petitions to the throne of grace. Yale will get even with Harvard for beating it in that boat race if such a thing is possible. - Chicago Herald.

The following is the list of rooms for freshman Rhetoric. Freshmen and special students. P. S. Abbot-Brewster, in Sever 5; Bronson-H. H. Darling, in Sever 6; J. B. Darling-G. W. Gray, in Sever 17; F. Green-Jacobs, in Sever 18; Jellinek-Markoe, in Sever 23; Marquand-Olmstead, in Sever 24; O'-Sullivan-Saunders, in Sever 30; Saville-Zinkeisen, in Sever 37. Sophomores, juniors and seniors will go to Sever 87.

There is something of a sensation in Yale college circles over an incident which happened a day or two ago. In one of Prof. Sumner's regular lectures two or three seniors became boisterously playful, and were ordered to leave the room. - N. Y. Times.