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Again the railroads and towns people have been interviewed, and for another five years the inter-collegiate races take place at New London. The thrifty dwellers in the "nutmeg" town know on which side their bread is buttered, for in truth it is buttered on both sides. Whichever crew wins, pocket-books are opened, money is scattered broadcast, and revelry rules the town, at laast, once in the year. Before the races there are to be found both Harvard and Yale peanuts and sandwiches but afterwards only one kind remains in stock, and that kind is sure to be well patronized by the supporters of the victorious crew. Of a truth the New London trader is a happy man, for, while the Cambridge or New Haven merchant must suffer in turn the distress of unpaid bills, he has shekels unnumbered thrust into his very face.

According to the agreement, the course is to be kept clearer than heretofore during the races, there having been much trouble caused, especially last year, by interference of steamers and sailing craft.