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The Conference Committee further recommend that the penalty for all cheating be separation from the college, that is, that he who cheats be either dismissed or expelled. Suspension, which has hitherto been the punishment, is too light. If a man is dishonest he is not fit to take a degree from Harvard; he is neither a gentleman, nor is he fit to associate with gentlemen. The only thing to do with him is to make him leave college.

Moreover, such a punishment will thwart the very end for which men commonly crib. Those who try to pass their examinations unfairly, do so because they wish to stay here. For this reason also, suspension or a milder punishment is too light; for a man will take some risk if her knows that in case of detection he will lose only a few months here. But if it were generally understood that the slightest attempt at unfairness, if discovered, would be followed by speedy and absolutely certain dismissal, few would care to make the venture.

We hope that the fact that such resolutions have been passed by a representative student body will call general attention to the subject, and rouse discussion upon it. For it is only by discussion and agitation that the students can be brought to see the true nature of the evil, and establish a public opinion which will condemn it.