Note and Comment.

"An instructive, as well as startling comparison between the growth of Yale and Harvard may be found in the Nation of February 18th. Taking, as a basis, the catalogues of the academic departments only, the writer shows the steady increase of the latter and the decline of the former. Graphic tables are employed which show a continuous upward movement for Harvard, while Yale, after many fluctuations, takes a downward turn from 1882 to 1885. In 1885 Yale entered 22 students less than in 1865. Harvard, on the other hand, entered 133 more. From such a standpoint, the writer's presentation of the case is impregnable, but it is misleading in that the scientific departments are not included in the comparison. At Harvard the optional system has reduced this department to insignificance, but it forms one of Yale's most important features. It this vigorous and flourishing branch of Yale was included in the comparison, a very different showing would be made." - Yale Record.

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