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The expulsion, by the Director of the gymnasium, of the trainers who were present at the first winter meeting, was a most commendable action. Our only regret is that the action was not taken sooner. If the winter sports cannot be held without the introduction of Muldoonism, then they were better not held at all. Trainers have their places without doubt, but they do not belong in the Hemenway Gymnasium. Contests in sparring among gentlemen, to be respectable, must be free from the vulgarity of professionalism, and Harvard men are presumably gentlemen. We do not know by what means the trainers were induced to attend the meeting last Saturday, but we sincerely hope, and we believe the college at large sincerely hopes that no such means will be tried again. If hereafter trainers are induced to attend in their official capacities, the gymnasium authorities should promptly show them to the door.