Fact and Rumor.

Boyden and Allen will be the battery in to-days game.

Harvard vs. Tufts to-day, at 4 p.m., on Holmes Field.

At Waterbury Saturday: Waterburys 17, Yale freshmen 6.

The junior crew will go to a training table on Wednesday.

After May 1st, the Agassiz Museum will be open on Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m.

The Pi Eta Society will hold a german in their rooms to-morrow evening.

The Dartmouths beat the Hanovers at Hanover Saturday, by a score of 7 to 6.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has formed a Co-operative Society.

There will be an important meeting of the CRIMSON board to-day at 1.30 p.m.

The lacrosse team has arranged a game with Yale. The game will occur May 15, on Holmes Field.

Exhibition games have been arranged with Brown and Yale, to be played in Cambridge April 28, and May 19.

The Cricket Club is practicing back of Divinity. They will play the University of Pennsylvania June next.

Saturday evening Prof. Bocher read Papa Pirichon at Prof. Child's residence, Cambridge, in behalf of the Indians.

All present and past members of the CRIMSON board are requested to meet in the sanctum at 10 o'clock, on Friday evening.

The Everett Athenacum minstrels will take place on Wednesday evening of this week. All past members are invited to be present.

In honor of the Cambridge military celebration Saturday, the lecture in History 13 did not begin until ten minutes after the hour.

The members of German 3 are requested by Dr. Wheeler to spend a part of the remainder of the year in learning German script.

Spectators should remember that clapping a man when he goes to the bat does not encourage him. If a man is nervous it is apt to rattle him.

The playing of Henshaw in Saturday's game with Technology was especially creditable, his fielding being perfect and his batting average .400.

The Yales played the Buffalos at New Haven Saturday with the following result: runs, Yale 14, Buffalos 12; base hits, Yales 13, Buffalos 11; errors, Yales 7, Buffalos 17; pitchers, Willett and Holzberger.

The defeat of the freshmen on Saturday is partially accounted for by the fact that Bickham, the regular pitcher, was unable, owing to a lame arm, to pitch more than three innings. A large delegation of freshmen witnessed the game.

President Eliot of Harvard, Rev. Dr. Briggs, and Mr. John Wilson of the University Press, were among the prominent guests at the meeting of the Unitarian Club, which was held at the Vendome, Boston, last Wednesday evening.

It is interesting to note that, exclusive of College House and Divinity, there are sixty-three rooms to be drawn for next month, and of that number forty-nine are occupied this year by members of '86. This shows that under the new rules regarding exchanges and transfer of rooms, men are loth to try and better themselves for fear of getting none at all.