The lacrosse twelve played a game with the Bostons on Saturday afternoon on Jarvis, and gained a victory notwithstanding the Canadian players whom the Bostons have secured for this season. The teams were as follows:

Harvard. Position. Bostons.

Peck, '88 Goal McCausland

Peabody, '87 Point Trihey

Williams, L. S. Cover point Ritchie

Goodale, L. S. First defence Donahue

Gardner, '87 Second defence Champney

Weed, '87 Third defence Libby

Davidson, '88 Centre W. B. Ross

Hood, '86 First attack Boardman

Blodgett, '87 Second attack Thatcher

Hale, '87 Third attack Hayward

Dudley, '87 First home W. A. Ritchie

Robinson Second home F. C. Ross

The ball was faced at 5 o'clock. It fell into the hands of our attack at once. Several wide shots were made for goal and the ball went to our defence field, but all attempts to get it near our posts failed, and our attack soon had it again. After some fumbling on their part Dudley dodged in and threw the first goal. Time, 9 minutes.

The Bostons now tried hard to keep possession of the ball and stopped long throwing, but their rushes were checked near the centre. After ten minutes play our attack for the ball and some pretty passing followed, ending in a straight goal for Dudley. The Bostons amused themselves with aimless long throws during the rest of the half hour; only two of these throws came near our goal, and these were promptly caught and returned by Williams. The first half closed with the score, Harvard, 2; Boston, 0.

The second half opened with more spirit on the part of the Bostons. Soon after the face-off A. J. Ritchie rushed the ball to F. Ross, who shot for goal. The ball was checked but swiped through by W. A. Ritchie. Time, 5 minutes.

Both sides now played with great vigor. The Bostons crowded their men up into our attack field and kept our defence very busy. Peabody's steady play defeated the Boston attack again and again, and finally sent the ball to the centre, where Blodgett secured it and rushed in. His throw was checked, but Robinson was on the alert and swiped out third goal. Time, 13 minutes.

The game now became a little rough. The Bostons again crowded their men towards our goal, but in so doing weakened their defence, and Robinson swiped goal number four in four minutes.

The ball was again faced, and after five minutes play F. Ross caught a pass from centre field, and squirming by our defence made a very clever side shot which scored a second goal for the visitors.

Neither side scored during the remaining five minutes.

Harvards play was fairly good, except just after Boston secured her first goal, when the men near the centre weakened and lost a number of opportunities to get the ball to our homes.

The best work for Harvard was done by Williams and Peabody in the defence, and Dudley in the attack field. Of the visiting team F. Ross and A. J. Ritchie played very strong games.