No Headline

We hear on one day that the employees of the Cambridge Railroad threaten to strike; on the next that the scholars of public schools in various parts of the country are demanding longer recesses; and on the next, as a third great blow to education, that the tennis "shacks" want higher wages. What is Harvard coming to? Each hour almost the evils of strikes seem to be closing in more seriously upon her. It is hard to say where the next blow will be. Perhaps the goodies will call for more pay and fewer rooms. But it is to be hoped not. Any such activity among them would be far too abnormal, not to be attended with serious results. We will hope that with the "shacks" the fever is to stop. Perhaps it would be well if these charming companions were always on the strike - provided they meant business and staid away without undertaking to damage property. But the word strike, in some indirect way, suggests a yard policeman. We wish the man and the birch switch would return to active duty.