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It has been noted that the present age is peculiarly prolific of royal authors. Among reigning sovereigns who have written books are Queen Victoria, Dom Pedro II of Brazil, Dom Luis of Potugal, the Shah, Oscar II of Sweden, Prince Nakita of Montenegro, Ludwig II of Bavaria, and Queen Elizabeth of Roumania; and among princes and princesses who have dabbled in literature are the Princess Christian, the Crown Princess of Germany the Princess Theresa of Bavaria, the two sons of the Prince of Wales, the two sons of the King of Sweden, the duke of Edinburgh, and the Compte de Paris. But all these are amateurs compared with the Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria, who is now editing and in part writing a very magnificent publication. "The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Word and Picture." Its production will it is estimated, cost not less than $300,000. 100,000 copies had been subscribed for previous to the publication of the first fortnightly part on December 1.