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The reunion of the editors of the Advocate, which was held last evening, was an event which will long be remembered in the history of Harvard journalism. The large number present evidenced the interest which is still felt in the oldest Harvard paper. It is seldom that a college paper is vouchsafed so long a period of activity, and never, perhaps, has any college paper enjoyed such pronounced success throughout its existence as the Advocate. Many of the most prominent men in college during past years have been members of its board; and for nearly a generation the paper has steadily influenced college thought by the wisdom of its policy. We hope that the paper may long continue its usefulness, and we feel assured that as its years increase, its usefulness will be enlarged commensurately. In reviewing the list of past editors of the Advocate, a present editor may well feel inspired to better and more conscientious work. Few college papers have escaped their periods of imbecility and senility, but the Harvard Advocate may well be cited as a high example that years do not always bring weakness. Never, perhaps, has the Advocate occupied a more honored place in college journalism than to day. We trust that each year will see its place elevated, and its work extended.