Note and Comment.


There was a remarkable race in the harbor at New Haven, on Tuesday afternoon between two four-oared crews composed of Yale seniors. One, styled the "stumps," was composed of: Bow, B. Arkell, weight 125 pounds; No. 2, L. W. Churchill, 127 pounds; No. 3, F. J. Winston, 130 pounds; stroke, W. R. Crawford, 126 pounds. The others, the "heavy weights," were: Bow, G. Kingsley, 186 pounds; No. 2, A. Colgate, 197 pounds; No. 3, W. R. Kingsley. 185 pounds; stroke, H. S. Ames, 246 pounds. The race was three-quarters of a mile, with a turn. The little men got a good start, owing to the heavy weight crew catching crabs. Capt. Peters, of the foot ball team, who weighs nearly 200 pounds, was the latter's coxswain, and he saved the race for his crew by cutting out the light-weights at the turn, thus getting a lead which the others were unable to make up. It was a close race, however, the heavy-weights winning by but 4 feet. The time was about 7.00

The "stump's" coxswain was W. H. Goodwin, weight, 110 pounds. The great weight of the big crew brought the top of their shell down almost to the water's edge. The race was for a supper to be given by the vanquished, but both crews were so thoroughly pumped that the banquet has been postponed for a few days. The students took great interest in the contest, and crowds of them watched it from start to finish. - N. Y. Times.