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The notice of the boat club with regard to the single scull challenge cups, which appeared in yesterday's CRIMSON, should receive the careful attention of boating men in college. A single scull race with as large a number of entries as might be secured at Harvard, could not fail to be of interest to the students at large, and as an almost new form of athletic sports for Harvard, it should certainly be encouraged. We urge boating men, particularly those who have never rowed in class crews, to enter in this single scull race. The fact that another cup, in addition to the challenge cup won by the champion last year, is offered to those who have never rowed a single scull race in college, ought to induce a large number of new men to try their fortunes in a single scull race. We hope that both old and new men will show their desire to support a very pleasant branch of aquatic sports by entering the single scull race.