The Pudding Elections.

The election of the members of the Hasty Pudding Club, held last evening, resulted as follows: Alexander, Austin, Ayer, Barrow, Baum, Bemis, Buck, A. C. Coolidge, Cox, Cushman, Denney, Emery; Faulkner, Fessenden, E. Fiske, Flagg, Fletcher, Forchheimer, Foster, Garnett, Hardy, Higginson, Houghton, Huntington. Jackson, Keays, Keep, Knowles, Kuhn, Loud, Mead, Michael, Oakes. F. S. Palmer, E. C. Palmer, S. W. Perkins, Potter, Putnam, A. N. Rantoul, Reynolds, Sampson, Sellers, A. C. Smith, Stanton, Storrow, Talbot, Tilton, Wetherbee, Wiestling, Willard, White.

The following honorary members were elected: Collins, '86, W. B. Scofield, F. R. Varick, Lamb, '86, M. G. Haughton, R. H. Delafield.