No Headline

In the recent notice which the superintendent of buildings has sent to the students, the latter are informed that the college will not hold itself responsible for the safety of property left in college rooms during vacation. We are glad that this announcement has been made, for it will help to account for the frequent losses which all are forced to suffer in small things during the vacation. But what is advised? Shall the students insure their possessions, or pay the janitors more? While the loss of a few articles, apparently of no use to any but their owners, seems hardly calculated to inspire very profound wrath, it does become irritating when repeated each summer. But perhaps these are the perquisites of the carpet-layer, or of that strange boy whom no one knows and yet who manages to prove himself so much at home in the college rooms during the summer. The safest course after all is to strip the room for the summer, or give your worldly possessions there contained to the janitor.