The Delta Upsilon Quarterly.

The fourth volume of the "Delta Upsilon Quarterly" has been issued. The leading article is a well written paper on "Liberal Education and the Classics," by Britton Harens, of Rutgers, '82. The essay is essentially a plea for the classics based upon a comparison of the work done by students of the classics, and those who are so unfortunate as not to have studied Greek. Mr. H. E. Fraser, '86, presents some pleasing lines entitled, "Memory, a Dream." We are told that the soul of things is touched by human sorrow. Mr. N. S. Kenison, '86, tells in "A Vermont Experience" a laughable experience in a country store. A charming bit of verse from the French of Fontaney is the work of Mr. E. T. Parsons, Rochester, '86. The reports of several banquets held by the fraternity evidence the flourishing condition of the organization. Mr. Fraser, the Harvard editor, gives a succinct sketch of the condition of the Harvard Chapter of the D. U., together with other interesting news. We are informed that library is to be lighted, and that the D. U. Society is safely and comfortably esconed in a hall of its own. The report represents the society as existing at Harvard to be in a highly flourishing condition, and blessed with the probability of a bright future.