Prof. Frothingham's Lecture.

A large audience was assembled night before last in Boylston Hall to hear the first lecture of Professor Frothingham on Assyrian language and art.

The Assyrians were the Romans of Asia. Their monarch was the representative of their God. He did not isolate himself from the people as oriental governors generally did. The home of the races from which the Assyrians are descended, was between the Tigris and the Euphrates. The greater part was called Babylonia; Assyria was situated further north near the sources of the Tigris.

A large and valuable library was found after a long and tedious research in the ruins of Nineveh. From this library we get our information about the knowledge of the Assyrians. The only other country whose history and civilization dates back to 4000 years before Christ besides Assyria, is Egypt. Most Assyrian monuments were built of brick, and therefore have almost entirely disappeared.