The Deutscher Verein.

The fourth meeting of the Deutscher Verein was held last evening in 21 Stoughton Hall. A paper entitled "Goethe und Frau von Stein" was read by Mr. Max Winkler.

An informal meeting of persons interested in the study of German was held some weeks ago, and it was decided to appoint a committee to draw up a plan for the formation of a German Club. At a meeting subsequently held, a Constitution was drawn up and adopted. The Deutscher Verein is the name of the new society.

Meetings are held every two weeks on Thursday evenings. At these evenings, a paper is read, followed by discussion and by other informal exercises. The object of the club is the discussion of German life and literature. The officers of the Verein are: President, Dr. Kuno Francke; vice-president, F. W. Taussig; secretary, and treasurer, W. G. Thompson; executive committee, Dr. Francke. (ex-offieio), W. T. Talbot, E. R. Thayer.