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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON :- Knowing that many of the members of the freshman class are unacquainted with this section of the country. I am prompted to say a few words in regard to the excellent roads in the vicinity for walking. Those who are especially fond of walking will doubtless discover this fact for themselves, if they have not done so already. But others, who are not so devoted to pedestrians would, I am sure, avail themselves of this exhilarating autumn weather did they know of the delightful walks near here. Good views of the country may be had from Tufts College and Corey's Hill, either of which places is not over three miles distant. Middlesex Fells is a wide tract of woodland some distance beyond Tufts. Concord, Lexington and Walden can be easily reached on foot in a day, and a return be made in the afternoon by rail. All the roads are historical, and freshmen, whether engaged in athletics or not, can do no better than to make use of them.

G. R. A.