The Revised Constitution of the Inter-Collegiate Foot-Ball Association.

The following is the revised constitution of the Intercollegiate FootBall Association adopted by the convention last week :

ARTICLE I.The name of this Association shall be the American Intercollegiate FootBall Association.

ARTICLE II.Section 1.- This Association shall consists of Harvard, Yale, Princetor, Wesleyan and the University of Pennsylvania.

Section 2.- No college shall be admitted to membership except by a unanimous vote.

Section 3.- The annual assessment shall be $50 from each college and out of the total sum $75 shall be expended for a Championship Penant.

Section 4.- Any college failing to pay this annual assessment on or before December 1st of each year shall forfeit its membership to this Association.

ARTICLE III.Section 1.- The officers shall consist of a president, a secretary and a treasurer.

The presidency shall be held by the college last holding the championship.

The secretary and treasurer shall reelected by ballot.

Section 2. There shall be a graduate advisory committee of five, one member being elected by the alumni or appointed by the faculty of each of the colleges in the Association.

Section 3.- This Advisory Committee shall meet and propose the rules or changes in the same, on the first Saturday in March in each year, and shall submit the said proposed rules or changes to the secretary of the Intercollegiate Association, on or before the first Saturday in April, to be forthwith transmitted by him to the respective college Associations before the spring meeting of the Intercollegiate Association, to occur on the first Saturday in May. At that meeting, the said proposed rules or changes shall be acted upon and be returned by the Intercollegiate Association, with its approval or disapproval to the advisory committee at its summer meeting, to occur on the first Saturday in June. Those rules or changes approved, shall forthwith take effect; these disapproved shall go over for consultation until the following spring, unless they shall receive four votes in the Advisory Committee, in which case they shall immediately take effect.

Section 4.- Each of the five members of the Advisory Committee shall have a full vote, and any one may vote and act by representative, with a written prosy. Three members of the committee shall constitutes a quorum.

Section 5.- At the written request of any two members of the Advisory Committee, or delegates of the Intercollegiate Association, the secretary of the committee shall convene a meeting, both of the Advisory Committee and of the Intercollegiate Association, but the same shall be only on five days' written notice to the various members and delegates, which notice must contain a statement of the object of the said meetings. The meetings of the present year shall be governed by this section.

Section 6.- There shall be an umpire and a referee; the referee to judge for the ball, and the umpire for players. No man shall act as umpire who is an alumnus of either of the competing teams. The umpire shall be nominated and elected by the Advisory Committee. The referee shall be chosen by the two captains of the opposing teams in each game, except in case of disagreement, when the choice shall be referred to the Advisory Committee, whose decision shall be final of any provision of the constitution or of the rules of the Association during the year preceding; but this section shall not be construed as effecting any question of fact, the determination of which rests in the discretion of the referee. All referees and umpires shall be permanently elected or assigned on or before Oct. 15 in each year.

Section 7.- The Advisory Committee shall act as a committee of appeals and shall hold its regular annual session on the first Saturday of December in each year, at which time it shall hear and finally determine any appeal, which must be in writing, from a decision or determination which substantially effects the interpretation or construction.

ARTICLE IV.Section 1.- The series shall consist of one game with each college, and shall be played upon grounds mutually agreed upon.

Section 2.- The two leading colleges of the preceding year shall play in or near New York.

Section 3.- The championship shall be decided by greatest number of games won. In case of a tie in games won, the team losing the fewest games shall have the championship. In case there is a tie for second place in the championship series, the record of the previous year shall determine which of the two colleges so tying shall play with the champions in New York (according to the provisions of section 2 of this article).

ARTICLE V.In all of the championship games the net receipts shall be equally divided between the contesting colleges.

ARTICLE VI.Any team failing to meet its engagements shall, unless the failure be caused by unavoidable accident in travelling or by postponement with the consent in writing of the other team, shall forfeit the game and its membership. Any college failing to put a team in the field each year shall forfeit its membership. A certificate signed by three members of the faculty shall be considered sufficient excuse for failure to play.

ARTICLE VII.There shall be two meetings of this Association-one to be held on the 1st Saturday in May : the other on the second Saturday in October.

ARTICLE VIII.The printing of the rules and constitution shall be given to Mr. Walter C. Camp and 50 copies shall be forwarded to each college of the Association free of charge.

ARTICLE IX.No man shall play more than four years in this Association.

ARTICLE X.If a question arises concerning the eligibility of any member of a team to play in championship games a certificate signed by a member of the faculty stating that he is a member of the college in regular standing shall be deemed sufficient. All other questions of eligibility shall be decided by the committee of appeals.

ARTICLE XI.A majority vote shall be necessary to pass any measure, each college having but one vote.