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We congratulate the freshmen on the success of their eleven at New Haven. The men should be commended for their obedience in following the admirable precedent set by ninety. They have now made an excellent showing in their first appearance in inter-collegiate contest, and it is to be hoped that this success will only stimulate the class to add two more victories in the spring and thus win an unrivalled record. Too much praise cannot be given to the team for their splendid work Saturday. The game was won in spite of the odds which Harvard had to face. It was played at New Haven, where there is every facility for rattling a team, and the cheering of the plucky little crowd of Harvard men was but a drop in comparison with the sea of Yale cheers. The members of '91 who preferred to stay at home and let their team fight its own battles may find consolation in the fact that the team won without any assistance of theirs, and that they lost the opportunity of seeing a fine game. A freshman class does not win so many victories over Yale that it can afford to let them pass by unnoticed. It is to be hoped that '91 will wake up and show some interest hereafter in their team. The success of the eleven is largely due to the efforts of the captain, who is deserving of the highest praise. The football team has done its work nobly; it now remains for the nine and the crew to do the same.