No Headline

We publish to day an editorial from the Yale News on the speech recently made by Mr. Beecher on "fighting the referee." The News declares that the speech has been misunderstood, and that on consideration it has appeared that nothing which would put Yale in a bad light was intended, only a reminder that perhaps the eleven would be compelled to play with a hostile referee, and in that case it would be necessary to fight him. The event proved that these fears were ungrounded, consequently the desperate expedient was not resorted to.

We will attack "muckerism" at Yale just as severely as we do at Harvard, or whenever it comes in contact with us; and reconsideration's or retractions coming weeks after the trouble complained of, will be viewed through the vista which time accords, and consequently cannot have the weight of immediate denial. Glad as we should be to consider the position of the News tenable, we cannot do so, nor can we unite with it in considering the reported words of the Yale captain as "a petty matter." At Harvard such a thing would be called not petty but gigantic boorishness.