Appleton Chapel.

The chapel was well filled at the vesper service yesterday. Drs, Peabody and McKenzie conducted the service; the latter delivered a short, interesting address, choosing for his subject the healing of the blind man, as told in the ninth chapter of John. He pointed out the simularity between our own state and that of the blind man who when he received his sight, looked around him and seeing men likened them unto walking trees, but still knew they were men. Though we may feel that things are not what they seem, we have in us a knowledge that tells their true nature.

The opening chorus, sung by the chapel choir was "Hark, the Sound of Holy Voices," by Dykes' Mr. George J. Parker, the well-known oratorio singer, rendered the solo from "Elijah," "Then Shall the Righteous;" and with the aid of choir, the solo and chorus, "Say Watchman, What of the Night."