Note and Comment.

The estate of E. Price Greenleaf, the millionaire miser and bachelor, who lived for a number of years at 70 Waltham street in this city, proves to be a large donation to Harvard College, all of his property, with the exception of a few thousands, going to this institution. Nathaniel J. Bradlee, W. G. A. Pattee and William McMahon, the appraisers of the estate, have returned into Suffolk County probate their inventory. While it does not reach $1,000,000, the official appraisal makes it a large estate, which eventually, in the rise of stocks, may reach the million limit. Many of the stocks and bonds are appraised less than their market value to-day. The total appraisal is $739, 487. 66; $714, 821. 53 being personal, and $24, - 666.66 real estate. Among the items of personal property are $237, 864 railroad bonds, railroad stock $312, 527, bank stock $52, 860, manufacturing stock $30, 874, other corporations $20, 625, city bonds $17, 780, bills receivable $52, 491.53. The real estate consists of one-third interest in premises 32 Faneuil square, $12, 666.66, and 70 Waltham street, valued at $12,000.

J. Thomas Vose left $255,777.19; $237, - 677.19 being personal and $18,000 real. The personal property consists of $120, 850 in railroad stock, $42,240 in bonds, $69,301.72 in bills receivable, $5285.47 in cash and household property. - Boston Herald.