Special Notices.

Those wishing to have shirts made to order will do well to examine our sample shirt made from the muslin of N. Y. Mills and the bosom 2300 Linen, 6 for $9.00 and 6 for $12.00. We guarantee to have the best laundry in the city, as we have our own laundry. Our well known steam naphtha process for cleansing clothes is ne plus ultra. Repairing and pressing done in the best manner, as we always keep first class help. We keep constantly on hand the latest style of E. & W. collars and cuffs. Dress and evening ties, in lawn, silk or satin, white kid gloves, lisle thread hosiery, canes, Hollindoff pant stretcher, etc. Laundry or clothes taken and delivered at the request of my patrons. J. F. Noera, 436 Harvard street, Cambridge.