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There is one thing that the average Yale man would do well to overcome as soon as possible, and that is the ever present thought that some one or other is constantly plotting and leaguing against this university. We are altogether too prone here to imagine other colleges prejudiced against us, and this spirit is, in a measure, fostered by some of our younger graduates. It is a false and unsafe feeling, and one that in the end is bound to affect us in an unfavorable way, both ourselves personally, as members of Yale University, and at the hands of other colleges with whom we have dealings. This idea has been put forward so much in the late discussion of the base-ball question that it has become quite common for certain men to express the unqualified opinion that the whole scheme is one intended solely for the benefit of some person or persons remote from New Haven. For the sake of a large majority, however, who believe in fair motives on the part of our rivals, it is simple justice to say that such opinions as the foregoing have been confined to the certain few; but, nevertheless, the influences of such conclusions are altogether in the wrong direction, and should be corrected with all the thoroughness possible. If the Base-Ball Association is to be changed, let it by all means be done with a frankness and belief in good motives and yet with iron-clad by-laws as well. - Yale Courant.