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Washington's Birthday is again at hand, and all the world, with the exception of Harvard, is deep in the perusal of Irving's works; but we, poor students, are kept close to the fast revolving grindstone, and are allowed no opportunity to learn the personal history of the Father of His Country. This complaint is time-honored, and doubtless will continue to be so, but still we repeat it in the vain hope that the rulers some time will hear our prayers. Why should not Harvard College fittingly observe this legal holiday? It certainly would be a benefit to all of us, immediately after the midyears, to have a day of rest. Everybody has some odd jobs to be done which have been postponed from day to day, and are never accomplished until vacation comes. One day of rest, too, from the monotonous routine work of this season of the year, would be greeted with that same feeling of sublime relief with which the traveller of the desert is said to be imbued when he perceives the green oasis rising 'midst the Saharan sands. It has been urged in some quarters that a recess of one day would be worse than useless, and that the day would be literally wasted. This is not so, however, for in our belief, every one would do better work in the weeks which follow. O, that the kindly eyes of the benign overseers may rest in favor on this final wail of the long, long series.