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We take great pleasure in calling the attention of our readers to the series of lectures on the "Various Influences Affecting the Development of the Greek Art," the first of which Dr. Waldstein will give to-morrow evening. Such a subject, treated in so broad a manner as Dr. Waldstein cannot fail to treat it, will prove a valuable and delightful source of instruction to all interested in this subject.

Dr. Waldstein's methods in the pursuit of the study of archaeology are in themselves novel and original, and have evoked much comment from the adherents of the older school. Though the more orthodox scholars of archaeology on the continent take exception to many of Dr. Waldstein's innovations, the fair-minded critic cannot fail to discern the traces of true genius in his doctrines. Though a very young man, the lecturer has attained no mean position in the scientific world, as the distinctions lately conferred upon him fully attest. Sever 11 ought to prove too small for those who wish to hear the lecture to-morrow night.