CONFERENCE FRANCAISE. - Meeting this evening at 7.30 in 18 Stoughton. "L'armee francaiseen 1887." M. Cohn.

F. D. KALOPOTHAKES.HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB. - Practice shoot this (Tuesday) morning. Team match with the former '87 team. Car leaves the square at 10.30.

F. S. MEAD, Secretary.A liberal price will be paid for a well-written article of 700-1500 words on "The Origin, History, Present Condition and Results of the Harvard Dining Associations. - Address, 49 Grays.

There will be a meeting of the Finance Club this evening in U. 13 at half-past seven. Mr. E. Cummings will address the club on the subject of "Trades-Unionism."

PIERIAN SODALITY. - There will be an important rehearsal this (Tuesday) evening at 8 o'clock, in Roberts Hall. Full orchestra.