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While we do not fully concur with the opinions expressed in the communication which we publish to-day on the base-ball situation, we do believe that the matter should not be decided until there has been a complete discussion of the subject. This could not be better accomplished than in a mass meeting of the students. If the baseball association should call a meeting to-day, there would undoubtedly be a large attendance, and the sentiment of the college on this important question could be ascertained. If Harvard and Princeton take a decided stand in favor of the new league, Yale will be forced to enter it, or else see her base-ball interests greatly crippled financially and otherwise. Everyone agrees that a new league will have to be formed soon, and there certainly is no time like the present. If Yale saw herself shut out from playing with Princeton and Harvard, she might allow herself to be ruled by the opinions of the base-ball men now in college, and not by the opinions of her graduates,