Appleton Chapel.

In spite of the inclemency of the weather yesterday afternoon, the chapel was comfortably filled for the vesper service. The Rev. Phillips Brooks officiated, with the assistance of Rev. Dr. McKenzie who opened the service with a short prayer. Gounod's "Glory to My God this Night," was beautifully sung by the soloist, Mr. G. S. Lamson, '77, of the Hollis Street Church quartette.

Rev. Phillips Brooks delivered the address in his usual fluent style. The text was from the first chapter of John. Dr. Brooks laid stress on the fact that the portals of heaven are open to any one who knocks for admission with the spirit of subdmission and humility. Heaven is ready at all times to aid the man who is searching for the light, and there is nothing which will bring two persons together sooner and bind them firmer than having this one object in common. At the close of the address the choir sang the "King of Love My Shepherd Is," by Shelley.