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The sale of Japanese bamboo curtains and portieres in beautifully worked designs and curios in vases, swords. Laquer and china goods, opening this week offers the students of Harvard a rare chance to obtain these very desirable goods at one half the usual price, at student emporium, 30 Boylston St., Lee L. Powers, Manager.

4Tutoring in N. H. 2. Thorough review of the work of this course; Drawings and diagrams. H. P. Johnson, College House 33

62German I. Seminar to-night, (Friday, Feb. 4.) on "Peter Schlemihl" at 7.30 o'clock. Also ready a summary of "Die Bettlerin vom Pont des Arts" in German and English, in parallel columns. E. C. Pfeiffer, 10 Stoughton.

E. L. Conant, 8 Reade's. Tutor in German A, English A, Political Economy I, History I, II, XI, XII.

14I shall give a seminar in Freshman Chemistry on Tuesday, February 8, at 7 o'clock. Thorough review and questions. Also turtoring in Math. D. and E., and Freshman Chemistry. Perry Lawton, '88, Hollis 25.

56Chemistry A. I shall give a review lecture, February 8, at 7.30 in Stoughton 10. Private tutoring in H. H, German I and Chemistry A. C. H. Moore.

57Tutoring in History II and XIII. Clarence A. Brodeur, '87, 14 Hollis Hall.

35Tutoring in History 1 and 12, Political Economy 4 and Fine Arts 3. Wm. W. Nolen, '84, 6 Little's.

16Students wishing to have custom-made shirts will do well to see our 6 for $9, and 6 for $12. Custom shirts, Earle & Wilson collars and cuffs, party kids, evening ties, dress shirts, Englsh mackintoches, Hamilton's English pant-stretchers, Co-operative discount to all members. J. W. Brine, 10 and 11 Harvard Row next to Post Office.

3LAUNDRY ! LAUNDRY ! Collars 1-2 cts, cuffs 1-2 ct, 30 per cent less than any other laundry. As I have my own laundry I guarantee to give better satisfaction for less money. The latest style of E. & W. collars and cuffs. Novelty in neck wear, Jersey, tights. Sweaters in all colors, etc., etc. Tailoring - Repairing and pressing done in the best style. Clothes cleaned by Steam Naptha process, which is the only process by which we guarantee to remove any stain, or give $50 reward for failure to do so. Laundry to be delivered at the request of my patrons. J. F. Noera, 436 Harvard Street.

2$100 a week! Ladies or gentlemen desiring pleasant profitable employment write at once. We want you to handle an article of domestic use that recommends itself to every one at sight. Simple as flour. Sells like hot cakes. Profits 300 per cent. Families wishing to practice economy should for their own benefit write for particulars. Used every day the year round in every household. Price within reach of all. Circulars free. Agents receive sample free. Address, Domestic Manfacturing Company, Marion, Ohio.